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Pool project testimonial

When I decided to build a pool and remodel my backyard I had a general idea on what I wanted. I did a lot of research online and then started making calls. I reached out to all the major pool companies in the Sacramento Area. Many of the companies I spoke with told me about why they were the best, one company said that they added more rebar and steel to the pool. Another company talked about award winning design. Since my project consisted of more than a pool, I was looking for a company that would own the entire project. This included pool, concrete deck, outdoor kitchen, new fences, landscaping and lighting. Every contractor I met with had ideas about the pool and really only focused on the pool. Almost every bid was the pool then a guess on how much the rest of the project would cost. When I met Robert with Majestic Builders he listened to what I wanted and we discussed the importance of designing and building the entire outdoor living environment.

He suggested we develop a master plan of the entire yard that would include the pool, concrete, landscaping...etc. the more I researched the more it made sense. Plus, it was the only way that I could compare his bid to the other builders. Before I moved forward Robert took me on a tour of previous projects that he completed as well as gave me a list of references to contact. After some research I decided Majestic Builders was the most qualified to design and build my backyard project.

During the design phase I worked with Robert and his designer, I knew what I wanted but it was really nice to have the suggestions and feedback that Robert gave. After the Master plan was completed Robert broke down the costs and put together a timeline to complete the entire project. Ground was broken in late January. The crews showed up on time and were respectful to my neighbors. Even though we had a ton of rain this past year the construction continued on schedule. As the pool came together I had to make decisions about tile, appliances and colors, along the way Robert offered his suggestions and feedback. Which looking back listening to his advice was one the best things I did. As construction wrapped up Robert made sure all of the detail work was perfect. I now have a backyard that blew away my expectations.

Going forward, I would recommend Majestic Builders to my family and close friends.

Thanks, Mike Beams Carmichael, CA

To whom it may concern -

I have had the pleasure to work with Majestic Builders on a few occasions over the last 25 years. The most recent was an extensive exterior remodel of my residence and I wanted to acknowledge a few of the highlights of my experience. I was putting my home up for sale and a home inspection revealed quite a bit of deferred maintenance. Additionally, we were looking for an overall makeover to the wood decks and railing. We had a very narrow window to get the repairs completed and the owner, Robert Terry, was personally involved in developing the various costs related to repairs and the larger "makeover". He was very timely in assessing the extent of work and getting me what I felt was a reasonable quote as well as expediting the work once I approved the scope of work. The actual work was very timely and my Realtor and I received frequent updates on the progress. The crews were very professional and the jobsite was kept clean throughout the duration of the project. The entire project took about a month and the end result was as I had hoped a remarkable transformation that no doubt will enhance the marketability of the home. I would not hesitate to refer Majestic Builders to my friends and family for any design effort or home improvement project in the future.

Sincerely Sheri Matthews

Future Pool Owner,

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Robert Terry and Majestic Builders for the concept, design and completion of my custom pool and backyard environment.

When I decided to move forward with my desire for a pool, having never done it before, I wasn't sure what company to call on for help. So I called a few common Pool company names and quickly became more confused than ever. In talking with a friend who had been through the pool building experience he immediately suggested I contact Robert Terry at Majestic Builders for advice. At my first meeting with Robert I knew that his ideas and suggestions were right for me. Robert's design, concepts, ideas and work ethics were a perfect match. My decision to work with Robert and Majestic Builders was solidified immediately upon seeing the design he created.

The entire experience was positive and managed to perfection by Robert. I was never left feeling in the dark or nervous about the outcome. From day one of the project I was treated as a partner, in the respect that I knew what was going to happen daily every step of the way. From demo, gunite, plumbing, concrete to plaster and landscaping, every sub-contractor that was on my property was professional, courteous and respectful and I would work with any of them again at Robert's suggestion. The outcome is fabulous, more beautiful than I imagined possible with many more upgrades, features, special touches and attention to detail that I didn't ask for. All of this was possible because of Robert's management skills, and we even came in a little under the proposed budget.

Robert Terry and Majestic Builders were a referral to me and I would refer his talent, professionalism, ethics and morals to anyone wanting an outstanding building experience.

Thank you Robert, and I hope to work with you again soon.

Yvonne Nelson Rocklin, CA

2/1/15 To whom it may concern

I wanted to share my experiences with anyone who might be considering Majestic Builders for design or construction of a backyard living environment. We were referred to Robert Terry of Majestic Builders by another contractor we were working with. We were told that due to the complexity of our project it would be best to find someone who specialized in design/ build. When we initially met with Robert we immediately sensed he had a mastery of all the related design elements we wanted incorporated into our backyard. He explained his unique approach towards these types of projects and went into detail as to how he could develop a master plan which would include a natural pool, raised landings, stamped concrete patio decks and walkways, firepit and seat wall, BBQ/entertainment center, patio cover and a complete landscape of our entire yard. We found the design process to be surprisingly easy and Robert was truly collaborative. Another quality that stood out was the attention to detail and the ability of Robert to really listen to what was important to us and translate that to this incredible master plan. Three very powerful tools he utilized were detailed plans and sketches, beautiful color photographs of similar projects and physically taking us out to previous projects to see the work and attention to detail firsthand. Lastly, he was able to articulate our vision very effectively far better than we have ever experienced with other designers or builders.

By the time it came time to decide on the most qualified builder for our complex backyard project the decision was easy! We selected Majestic Builders because we trusted them to deliver on what they said they would do. Most of the construction time-frame we were away from the home. We received frequent if not daily updates and often even photographs of the progress which really gave us added peace of mind.

The project was completed on time, on budget and with the attention to detail and quality work that we had grown to expect from Robert. The few warranty related items or loose ends were addressed timely as well.

Majestic Builders spoke of "Customers for life" early on in their presentations....I can say I will gladly recommend Majestic Builders for any "outdoor living" design or build my friends or family might consider!!

Sincerely, Tom and Barbara Peach


We just wrapped up construction on our second swimming pool project in the El Dorado Hills area with Robert Terry and Majestic Builders.

The first swimming pool involved a backyard that was a dean slate full of weeds and also rather tricky terrain that included both a downhill slope and a bit of an upslope. Robert was able to not only listen to our needs in terms of the budget, type of pool and general layout but was also able to suggest a few improvements that were both practical and also helpful. This insured that the pool and surrounding pool decking and entertaining areas were fully usable and also maximized the backyards topography. I am convinced that the unique nature of the swimming pool, water features, and fire pit design along with the high quality of work was one of the reasons that the home sold quickly when we decided to sell.

The second pool project that we just wrapped up was just as smooth and efficient. Robert was able to work well with our contractor and various subcontractors to coordinate the pool and spa construction simultaneously with the construction of the new home. Communication was easy, updates were frequent and the completion of the pool and spa happened right on target with the completion date of our new home. The new pool and spa look great and we can't wait for summer to enjoy them: —

Should the need for third pool arise in the future, Robert will be our only call!

Sincerely, Scott and Cara

January 23, 2011
RE: Robert Terry Majestic Builders

We first became acquainted with Robert Terry in 2009 when we hired him to do a renovation of our side yard. This was an extensive project that involved building a koi pond, built-in barbecue, outdoor fireplace, and new paving. The results were stunning We found Robert to be an exceptionally skilled contractor with an amazing sense of design. He approaches each project with the same level of skill and diligence as if he were working on a project on his own home. He is honest, offers a very fair bid, and is respectful of his client's budget. He never cuts corners and pays exquisite attention to detail. His subcontractors are skilled artisans who are very polite and respectful. The job site is left meticulously clean each day. When it came time to renovate the rest of our backyard, which included resurfacing and updating our swimming pool, installing a water feature, building a new trellis, and repaving our large patio, we did not seek bids from other contractors. There was no question that Robert was the only contractor who we wanted for the job. Robert is a pleasure to work with and, over the past two years, we have come to regard him as a friend. He stands behind his work and, should anything ever go wrong, he is immediately available to correct any problems. That being said, it is highly unlikely that problems will occur given the level of craftsmanship and quality of work that goes into each of his projects. Robert Terry has earned our respect and highest recommendation. His honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, and artistic design skills are far superior to all other contractors who we have worked with.

Sincerely, Trish Taniguchi

Dear Robert,

Glenn and I would like to share our appreciation for all your efforts on our backyard project and say how delighted we are with the finished product provided by Majestic Builders. As you know, we were less than satisfied with our previous pool builder and wish we had consulted you from the beginning to complete our backyard project. Our previous pool builder left us with a backyard disaster that we were certain could not be repaired. Furthermore, our previous pool builder was comprised of the characteristics in every homeowners nightmare: the initial poor design of the project and bad work, quality, dishonesty about the timeline of project completion, unanticipated project cost, escalation and inadequate communication. After eight months of grueling hassles, Glenn and I were so overwhelmed by the project, we actually spoke of delaying our backyard project indefinitely, even though our backyard was overgrown with weeds and had a huge 10 foot deep pool of mud.

During my search for additional help on our project, your name was referenced by several respected businesses in our area. At our first meeting, Glenn and I were impressed by your knowledge and insight into our project, as well as, your qualifications and professionalism. You immediately pinpointed the problem areas of the backyard project that our previous contractor overlooked. But most importantly, you were sincerely engaged in helping us gain control over a backyard disaster. As soon as you accepted our project, our backyard project became worry free. Your overall management of the project production to the smallest detail was impressive. Glenn and I are still amazed that you volunteered your time at 7 pm on a Thursday to ensure our project design would pass our community project committee. One of the most valuable attributes you contributed to the project was your maintenance of our budget. Not only were you able to obtain low contract bids, you also knew where to concentrate our budget to obtain the most backyard design for our money. Glenn and I are certain that the money you saved us on our project surpasses your contractor fees.

The end result of our backyard project is beautiful and with flawless workmanship thanks to your vision for our project and attention to the smallest details. We are truly grateful for all your time spent on our project. We are especially grateful for the time you contributed to resolve the previous pool contractor's inadequate design issues and poor workmanship. Glenn and I would be delighted to be a reference for Majestic Builders to encourage others to use your impeccable services.

Sincerely, Andrea and Glenn

For complete design and landscape development, we highly recommend using Robert Terry's service. We hired Robert Terry to manage the landscaping of our backyard from design to final implementation. We were looking for someone who could provide a full solution from decks, concrete, awnings, pools, ponds, landscaping, design, as well as dealing with our homeowners association and county regulations.

Our yard is complex because it is sloped and split into two levels with no access to the second level without going through our neighbor's yard. Although we coordinated access with our neighbors, they began to have second thoughts once the project started. Robert Terry worked with our neighbors to meet their demands for access and completion times. He also worked with our homeowners association and the county to ensure his design would be approved. Robert handled all the idiosyncrasies of the project and provided solutions each step of the way.

He also checked in with my wife weekly to summarize the completion that week as well as the plan for the following week. In addition, Robert's associates put great pride in their work resulting in a product of high quality.

Thank you Robert.

Sincerely, Jay and Rhianna

Dear Mr. Terry:

I wish to express the absolute delight and satisfaction that I and my wife share in the work of improvement you recently completed at our home on the American River bluffs of Carmichael, California. The decks which you redesigned and rebuilt for us are absolutely magnificent. Your workmanship, attention to detail and more are unexcelled by any artisan in our opinion.

As you are aware, our home was architecturally planned with care and detail and is generally considered one of the show places along the American River in the County of Sacramento. The decks which you have completed for us are a very important and integral part of our home. The decks are beautiful, comfortable and a delight to us.

Thank you for all of your wonderful services and particularly your kind and personal attention to the requirements of this project.

Sincerely, Richard


We would like to thank you in helping us resolve a very stressful situation that occurred in our courtyard.

As you know, we were in a horrible mess with another landscaper who destroyed our property. You came in with such a positive attitude and gave us some much needed hope to resolve a horrendous problem. Your outstanding work and design helped to resolve our problems and eventually come to a happy ending.

Robert, your talent and dedication and exceptional ability to visualize what we needed to resolve our traumatic experience is very much appreciated. Your team was professional and a pleasure to have on our property. They were all courteous and also helped in turning our tragic story into a beautiful courtyard that we can now enjoy. The project turned out wonderful, and again we want to express our gratitude. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you and your team.

Sincerely, Steve and Colleen, El Dorado Hills, CA


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